Know the Assessed Value of Your Building Efficiency Rate

The BER cert can be used for both the residential and commercial purposes of the business. Obtaining a BER will help you measure the efficiency rate of your facilities. It will also entitle you to conserve energy by a proper implementation and execution of the procedures in managing your utility services.
A better gauge in computing for the efficiency and effective rate of your facilities is through the assistance of the BER assessors. They have the relevant knowledge in measuring the energy rate that your facilities can utilize within the day.

In this way, the owner will have a pre-assumption of how much will it cost to supply the entire facilities with electricity and water system. This is an important matter for the construction workers, architects, and owners on how they will go to plan the utility system around the facilities.

What is the essence of having a BER Cert?

It is a documentary proof that pertains to the energy efficiency and effectivity of the entire building whether residential or commercial. It has the same kind of rating which was used in measuring electrical units. The scale of the rating starts from A to G in which A1 indicates highly efficient energy gadget while G pertains to the lowest efficient energy gadget.

As other explanatory notes, it denotes that some gadgets can be operated with the least amount of energy for a longer period of time in contrast with those units that operates in a maximum percentage of energy.

Why is it important to verify the assessed value of your building?

1. Get the Standard Benchmark Rate

Setting up the sales price or lease of your facility requires the extensive calculations of the expenses incurred versus the profit that you must be receiving to compensate for the expenses at the same time; the price can attract clients to take the offer. With the aid of the BER Cert, you will have an assessment of your facility and you can able to track down your future expenses.

2. Compute for the Mark-Up

Using the BER Certificate, you will have the permit to conduct your operation and manage the utility system of your facility. Also, you can able to compute for the markup of the premises and plan ahead of the expenses. You can have the current rate of your properties whether for sale or lease.

3. Project Your Prospective Profits

The BER can help you project prospective profits by measuring the efficiency energy rate of your facility prior to occupancy. A BER evidences the estimates to be performed in order to meet the future profits.