Wetsuits and Wildlife: Diving Around the World

Thanks to ever-improving technology we know more about the underwater world than ever before. Beautifully filmed fish flit across our screens in stunning Sunday evening documentaries. However, if watching from the sofa isn’t your jam, pack your wetsuit and take out dive insurance because it’s time to uncover what the seas and oceans have to offer – first hand.
Chills and Thrills in Norway

When people imagine a diving holiday they usually picture turquoise, sun-warmed seas, but true explorers know that cold seas have just as much to offer.

Imagine: a sleek black shape passes beneath you, flashes of white catch your eye and you glimpse that iconic, pointed fin. A thrill of terror runs through you – it’s a killer whale. Known to prey on seals, dolphins, and sometimes even adult whales, thankfully these beasts are not interested in humans. What would you do to swim alongside the undisputed kings of the sea? If the answer is “anything”, grab a decent wetsuit and head to the freezing coasts of Norway – the hunting ground of hundreds of killer whales.

Ma Tai Anyone?

If plunging into icy water isn’t for you then head to the warmer coast of Hawaii. Here you’ll find an equally fascinating example of marine life – the spectacular manta ray!

The distinctive shape of these rays is well known to any nature lover. However, until you get up close and personal, it’s hard to comprehend their size. At Garden Eel Cove, Hawaii you get a chance to do just that. At dusk, a strong light box is placed in the water, attracting plankton and providing an all-you-can-eat buffet for hungry manta rays. So close you could touch them, you’ll experience manta rays in a unique way. And you’ll have time for a celebratory cocktail afterwards!

Hissy Fits in Brazil

Whether we are terrified of them or have three as pets, slithering and silent snakes are endlessly fascinating.

Safe to say, this holiday suggestion is probably not for those who struggle to watch the snake-scenes in Harry Potter without closing their eyes. However, if you’re the fearless type I cannot recommended this Brazilian trip enough. The beautiful green anaconda can be found lurking in the wetlands of the Bonito region and, trust me, is the stuff of nightmares. The ginormous anaconda can grow to a length of 20ft! Wouldn’t you like to touch one?

What Big Teeth You’ve Got Mr Wolf!

Staying with serpentine creatures, the Wolf Eel makes its home in the seas of British Columbia. This funny-looking, wolf fish can easily grow to 10ft but see if you can spot a young one – they are a striking orange colour.

The name Wolf Eel should be taken seriously: these ocean dwellers have sharp teeth and have been known to give humans painful bites! However, they are rarely aggressive and you’ll soon find yourself feeling oddly fond of these ugly fellows.

If, like me, you want to experience as much of the world as possible, don’t forget to take out appropriate insurance to keep you covered wherever you go. Let’s Go Insure’s dive insurance is ideal for the trips when you’ll be spending more time under the waves than relaxing on a sun lounger!

Ethan Bailey is an experienced adventure traveller and insurance expert with the team at Let’s Go Insure. Ethan’s passion is to inspire his clients to go just that little bit further, deeper and higher on their travels and his expertise in providing the ideal insurance cover allows them to do just that. If you’re looking for the best dive insurance Let’s Go works with the most experienced underwriters, intermediaries and insurers to offer a range of competitive insurance without compromising on cover.

Facts about Mold: Its Life Cycle and Its Dangers

If you have water damage in your home due to a flood, plumbing damage, a leaky roof, or another disaster, then you have one major concern that exceeds most others: mold growth. Professional contractors can help you put your life back together after water damage in Marietta, and their chief job will be preventing or eliminating all signs of mold. Why does mold appear indoors, why is it dangerous, and what can be done about it?

Here are some important facts all homeowners and business owners should know about mold:

Mold is an important part of the planet’s natural order. It helps to break down dead organic matter—everything from plant residue to animal carcasses.
When mold helps decompose the remains of a living creature, elements of the life form will return to the natural environment, fertilizing the soil and helping future life forms to grow. All living things today are part of this process of life cycling in and out of the planet.
Indoors, mold is extremely dangerous. It can irritate allergies, cause asthma, contribute to respiratory illnesses, and can even be deadly.
This is because mold does not belong in a controlled, indoor environment. Without soil, plant life, open air flow, or other natural order to create balance, mold can take over a building.
Mold reproduces via tiny spores, or seed-like structures that are invisible to the human eye. Spores float through the air looking for matter to decompose or moisture to consume.
There are many, many types of mold in nature. No mold yet known to scientists can survive without moisture of some kind.
When mold spores find moisture, they will settle there and grow extremely quickly. Some types of mold can flourish in a matter of hours.
Appliances like sink basins and tubs are designed in such a way that water will flow out of them rather than settling. This makes it possible for humans to use these appliances without a constant threat of mold.
If moisture has reached your carpet, walls, cabinetry, or other building materials inside of a building, water will settle there. Then, mold will start to grow and break down the building materials, especially wood and other natural fibers.
When water damage in Marietta happens for any reason, you need to contact a professional contractor to control the spread of moisture, then dry all exposed areas as soon as possible. Only a pro can prevent and eliminate mold so that it does not harm the structure or your health.